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Control in one place your media campaigns across Paid Search, Paid Social Media Ads and E-Commerce Marketplaces Ads.

A.I. powered

Enhanced performance thanks to Artificial Intelligence optmization algorithms.


Manage your advertising campaigns in full control through the self-service Ad360 platform.

Biddable Media

Only Biddable Media inventory is purchased, allowing for greater control over your delivery and pricing.

Perfomance & Branding

Run campaigns to maximize Conversions, ROI, Clicks, Impressions, or Branding KPI such as CTR, Video Fully Viewed and Reach on Target.


All major ad formats available, including Mobile ads, Desktop ads, Video, Rich formats, Connected TV and Youtube.

Artificial Intelligence powered DSP

Maximize your business outcomes thanks to the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms included in the Ad360 platform.

Ad360 implements the latest AI algorithms of Skylads and leverages them to their fullest potential to buy at the right moment, at the right price and spend your budget where it needs to be spent to drive better results.

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Omnichannel DSP

Ad360 is a Omnichannel Demand Side Platform, meaning that you can control all your media buying campaigns in one place.

Ad360 has access to massive inventory thanks to its connections to the biggest programmatic advertising ad exchanges. Its targeting capabilities allow you to choose which audiences you wish to reach with your advertisements.

In addition to programmatic display and video ad formats, Ad360 allows you to control your Social Media platform advertising campaigns and your e-commerce advertising campaigns from a single paltform.

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Accessible Vendors

Sophisticated Reporting & Analytics

Get access to a variety of reports, metrics and filters to fully grasp how your campaigns are performing.

Get an overview of your advertising activities by having data from all your connected channels in one place.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Precisely target which audiences you want to reach with your advertisements. Multiple audience segments are available with the biddable media purchased by Ad360.

Easily manage your audience segments and choose features from thousands of data categories including contextual, interests, behavioral, socio-demographics or intent.

Multiple Creative Formats

Drive more engagement on your ads thanks to a diverse set of creative formats possibilities.

Available formats include Display, Video (VAST & VPAID), Native & Connected TV ads and other rich formats supported by the biggest biddable media channels. All devices formats are supported to make your ads available on mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop and other connected screens.

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